Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comming up

As we wrap up February, Senate has done a lot of work to plan out the rest of the semester. Most importantly, we are discussing what we should spend our money on!! It's always exciting to do some shopping for the campus with Senate's money, but we also think it's important to weigh our options. So, so far these are the items we have investigated:
A. More renovations to Mojo's  including more  new table tops and chairs, new curtains and artwork.
B. Raising funds to combine with ours to finish out the flooring that was started.
C. Setting aside some money to purchase new kitchen supplies for the mod kitchens.
D. Installing a fob (is that how you spell it?) system for the  Mem. Hall weight and cardio room.

What do you guys think? Any preferences? We still have to check on prices and that will ultimately determine our decision but if you have any suggestions or comments we want to hear them!!

Have a good weekend! And talk with your friends about running for Senate!
- Julia Huxman


  1. i think a fob system for the weight and cardio rooms is a great idea!

  2. Next year, instead of changing the color of the floor and tabletop in an already very nice, newly renovated shop. Please keep the student body in mind. There are other problems with greater importance than this. I have heard many people complain, and I too, agree that things like new dryers and washers would have much more positively effected current students. The dryers in Haury take at least an hour to finish, and the clothes don't even get dry most of the time. So drying them for a second time is usually the conclusion. We are college kids; We don't have a lot of money to spend and we are suppose to trust you to make staying her easier for everyone! Otherwise, what's keeping students from leaving, when a basic need obviously cannot be met?

  3. Have a good weekend! And talk with your friends about running for Senate!
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